Selling on Vinted

Ever wondered how the App Vinted works? Here is a Vinted 101 of buying and selling through the App! We have had success buying and selling so hopefully you will feel confident to give it a try after reading more.

Selling on Vinted


Buying on vinted is similar to fb marketplace or eBay- you type in what you’re searching for and set filters to get a more tailored result. If you’re just browsing you can “favourite” items you like, then see them in your profile. By doing this, sellers sometimes send you a reduced price if they want a quick sale. 

The best thing about vinted is that postage options are much cheaper, meaning you don’t even really need to set a location filter. As long as you have a dropshop near you, postage can be free or £1.69 for a small package, £1.99 for a medium through myhermes. If you don’t have a shop nearby, you can ask the seller if they will use royal mail. 
When you find something you like, you can scroll down to see postage costs but also see that members other items. You can bundle them, to save on postage, and some members offer discount for the more you buy- making it even more of a bargain! You can also send an offer to a seller, effectively haggling the price. 

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As a buyer, vinted do charge you a buyer’s protection fee which is 30p+8% of the items price. This is useful if vinted need to become involved if a seller doesn’t respond/post your item etc. 

If you aren’t in a rush to buy, or you only have an idea in mind e.g. wooden toys or brown boots, search a short amount each day to see what new items have been listed. 

Selling on Vinted


As a seller on vinted, you are charged no fees at all, unlike ebay. You list your item as you would on any other site, and fill in categories such a colour, brand, size etc. This means when a buyer has specific criteria, your item has more chance of popping up. You get to decide if you want to bundle and save or not. You can bump your items to be more visible. 
If someone favourites your item and you want a quick sale, you can send them a lower offer yourself. 
When someone buys something, the app will send you the postage sticker, you attach it and then drop it off at the shop – easy peasy! 

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You can choose who you are willing to post with in the settings section, and having more options can mean more buyers, but be careful with sizing. If you allow royal mail postage, vinted will charge the buyer £1.99 for a small parcel, but royal mail will charge £3. 
Some tips for listing: Whilst it may be easiest for you to upload all your items in one go, this means you are only really visible once. Many sellers find it more beneficial to drip list so their items are more frequently on the feed – buyers can then click through your whole wardrobe, making your other items more visible too. 

Selling on Vinted

Thoroughly describe your item – especially if it has any faults, and share pictures. 
You can choose to add bundle discounts to your wardrobe, and set percentages yourself – e.g. if a buyer buys more than one item, they get a discount. This encourages more sales but does reduce your profit. 

Although you may have a certain price in mind, when you first list your item, Vinted will show you similar listings and their prices. This can help you gauge what the item is currently selling for to decide what price to list. 

Vinted also have a ‘wardrobe spotlight’ option where vinted promotes your whole wardrobe to target members who are looking for what you are selling, making it easier for other members to see and follow you. This costs around £6.95 and there are terms and conditions you should read up on – they are available in the help section. 

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