4 Tips for Gardening with Children

family, encouragement

These are 4 Tips for Gardening with Children. Firstly, make sure you are in a patient head space to deal with questions and to facilitate exploration. Perhaps even pick a clear day so that no one gets too bothered by the heat or rain. Take snacks, everyone gets hangry and impatient, so don’t let yourself fall into the trap!

family, encouragement

Let them join in!

The absolute first tip of these 4 tips for gardening with children is to expect and encourage them to want to touch everything. Show them flowers and pull them apart. Compare leaves and make flower poesy’s. Enjoy sharing your knowledge and encourage questions. Show them why you love the garden and what you love about your garden. Use some of your plants in your cooking or for beauty products – like this Honey, Lavender and Oatmeal Soap.

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Provide the tools

Poundland sells gardening equipment, car boot sales and even facebook groups can provides items cheaply or for free! Nothing has to cost a lot of money. Having their own tools gives them ownership and responsibility for something that the whole family can enjoy. Grow herbs together in a Pallet Planter.

family, encouragement

Set up a space for Creatures!

Another great way to encourage children into the garden is to include a bug hotel, bird house or even a wormery. A small pond will encourage all sorts of wildlife, the pond doesn’t need to be deep to be useful and safety should of course be a priority. Find extra reasons to celebrate nature and the outdoors; something like Earth Day.

family, encouragement

If something is precious to you, teach them about it first.

So you have prized Rose’s, explain to the children why they are important to you and how to care for them. Maybe you have a vegetable plot that does not require stamping, set the boundary. Children will listen and they will want to make you happy as well as enjoy their time in the garden together with you. Composite decking is an amazing idea for creating a splinter free zone, it is another way to encourage you all to spend time together in the garden.

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Over the years you will be amazed at the enjoyment you can share with your children and the conversations that come up through the freedom of screens. Once you are comfortable in your relationship, things will change again, having a shared interest will always pull you back together. Make sure you consider these 7 Things to Teach Children about Money.

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