4 Things Parents Should Look for in a Home

parents should look for in a house

Thanks to COVID the property market is hot all over the world. Especially those with outdoor space! Getting caught up in the house buying process can be dangerous for your finances. Just like you wouldn’t go food shopping hungry, make sure your heart is in check before house hunting! Having a list of Pro’s and Con’s for any potential house could help you make your decision. However, parents are often looking for different reasons to those that are single. Read on to understand our 4 things Parents should look for in a home.

parents should look for in a home


Proximity is the first of our 4 things parents should look for in a home. Closeness to schools, towns, family and even work. Understanding your lifestyle and the wants you have for your life will help you identify specific areas of your chosen area that work better for you. In the same thought, picking too close to family might not be beneficial to you, which is completely ok. Being able to walk to restaurants, child care and onto work cuts out a lot of commuting costs and helps you take exercise each day. Really try to visualize living in a house and see how things will work for you. Choosing solely on what you’ve seen on the internet is not necessarily a recipe for success.


More practical than fun again! Parents should consider their budget before starting to search for their next home. Being tied into an expensive mortgage is not ideal for anyone but when you are raising children this is even more true. Having an idea of your month to month budget will allow you to find a home that provides stability as well as shelter. There are many calculators online that can assist you with this task! You might also enjoy seeing the real estate for sale in Whistler.

parents should look for in a home

Just enough space

Along the same lines as affordability, don’t over buy in house. This can mean more to clean, more stuff to store and not necessarily add to anyone’s happiness. Children do not NEED their own rooms. I do appreciate that it is nice for the house harmony for individuals to have their own space. But the other rooms in the house can be used to separate when needed. This isn’t about highlighting how much money you have or have access to, buying a home for your family should be about making roots and keeping everyone secure.

parents should look for in a home


Personally, I would always pick to have a good sized garden. We love to grow vegetables, have BBQ’s and enjoy the activity of gardening. This isn’t true for everyone, but I would caution, 2020 was unprecedented in the Lockdowns most of the world saw. Having any kind of outdoor space is proven to be beneficial for Mental Health. Therefore, if you can, get some sort of access to green space. You can control your Garden whereas community spaces can take a little patience. It may even be possible -subject to planning permissions – to add a summer house, conservatory or home office to the garden, which can provide much needed separation between work and home.

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