The Essential Checklist for Spring Cleaning Your Home

Checklist Spring Cleaning

No matter where you are in the UK, there are tell tale signs of Spring happening everywhere. The weather is still as unpredictable as any season but the sun is definitely appearing more and more. Use our handy Essential Checklist for Spring Cleaning Your Home to get yourself refreshed for the new season.

Work on a room by room basis so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Ultimately you know how dirty your home is or isn’t and how you wish to live. Ensure you declutter each room as you go. Create a pile to sell to realise some of your hard earned cash!

Just Because you have decided your home could use a deep Spring clean does not mean you need to purchase endless amounts of cleaning supplies. Most jobs can be considered complete with warm soapy water, the standard laundry products you use and a hoover.

Wash curtains, drapes and upholstery

Start at the top of the room, that way any falling dust and dirt will be picked up leaving your room cleaner overall. Ensure you read any fabric care instructions before placing any products onto the fabric.
Taking sofa cushions out into the sun can be an excellent germ killer and deodorizer. It will also give you a chance to give the cushions a good beat to get the dust particles out. By beating outside you will hopefully not have created another mess to clean!
Roller blinds can be placed into the bath with warm soapy water but will need a good flat space to dry correctly in – check your wash instructions before taking action.

Checklist Spring Cleaning

Wipe down walls

Next up on checklist for Spring Cleaning – Wipe down walls with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any leftover grime or dust that may have accumulated over winter months. This includes the baseboards or skirting boards, these can get quite dusty being close to floor. Using the hoover extension attachment can limit the bending required to get the majority of the dust off. Using a clean floor swiffer on the skirting boards can also help with lessoning the amount of bending required.

Checklist Spring Cleaning

Wash windows inside and out

Wash windows inside and out to remove dirt, grime or smudges from winter months. A simple spray bottle with some white vinegar will give you an amazing shine. Using a cloth to apply the vinegar and remove any stubborn smudges, then following up with a dry cloth to buff the smudges is the best procedure for shine!
Outside it may be easier to get a window cleaner depending on your property height and accessibility. Having a window cleaner once every 8 weeks can be a helpful lift for your home. If your budget doesn’t allow for this at the moment, using soapy warm water will still give your home a tidy appearance.

What is the right Side Hustle for me?

Clean inside and out of all appliances

Clean the cooker top and oven as well as the inside of your refrigerator. Again, you do not need any fancy products for this, warm soapy water will bring your cooker top lovely, for any stubborn grime use the white vinegar and soak the dirt.
Empty your fridge, sort as you go anything that is out of date or you aren’t going to use. Then give each shelf a good warm soapy wash. It is better to take the shelving out. Leave it to dry as this won’t need as much cooling when it is placed back inside.
Empty your freezer. This can take place over a few weeks of consciously using things up so that you can switch it off and give it a good defrost.

Checklist Spring Cleaning

Finally, the carpets!

Clean the carpets and vacuum them thoroughly. Use a mixture of Bicarbonate of Soda and a scented oil scattered across the carpet. Leave for a few hours and then vacuum up. If your budget allows for a carpet cleaner potentially hire one for the day and make that the priority. By waiting until all of your other cleaning is done you should have a very clean house! Now you have completed your checklist for Spring Cleaning!

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