Life may have thrown a few unexpected bills your way, or just the summer holidays have been a little more spendy than expected. These 5 Cheap Pasta Dishes can be made from store cupboard items in as long as it takes for the pasta to boil.

Currently in the UK, Lidl’s sells past at about 29p per kg. This can be reduced when buying in bulk and potentially from out of code discount stores. However, about 500g-750g of pasta can feed and fill our family of 4.

Beans Pasta

Yes, I opened with it! Literally a tin of beans stirred through cooked pasta. This isn’t difficult and it isn’t as unhealthy as you might think. This cheap pasta dish has similar carb levels to beans on toast. Super filling and warming, which is perfect for after a long wet walk (thanks British Summertime Weather)

A Lidl’s can of beans costs approximately 25p. Therefore, feeding a family of 4 for about £1 for dinner. Of course you could choose to add herbs, cheese or ham to make this meal slightly more exciting.

Tuna Pasta

This could be quite the tummy turner for anyone that doesn’t enjoy fish, however, Tuna is a good protein. Low budget meal plans often include a lot of carbs so Tuna can bring variety as well as other minerals the body needs.

Tuna can be bought in poundland in packs of 3. This would mean it isn’t as expensive as you might think.

Cheese Sauce Pasta

Ok so this one requires a few more ingredients and to follow a simple recipe. This is honestly one of the best sauces to master because it is versatile as well as satisfying to eat. A basic Bechamel Sauce. In essence, you melt butter and stir in flour. Once combined, add in milk. I personally have found that keeping the first digit the same is a good ratio in sauce thickness and using what I have on hand. For example, I may have 300ml of milk to use. Therefore, I melt 30g butter and mix with 30g of flour. If I wanted the sauce slightly thicker I wouldn’t add all of the milk. You need to stir continuously and then judge the thickness as you are stirring.

I choose to add cheese once the milk is combined, the cheese will thicken the sauce slightly. If you have nutmeg on hand it will enable you to use less cheese.

This sauce can be used on top of Lasagna as well as just over the top of pasta. None of these ingredients are expensive and are likely already in your house.

Sardine Pasta

Another cheap and cheerful protein! Sardines are so good for your heart health and really important nutrition on a cheap and cheerful budget. These often come in a tomato sauce which can be added to the pasta as well.

Garlic White Sauce Pasta

Our last of our cheap pasta dishes. Following the instructions above, you can add powdered Garlic to your sauce for something a little different and extravagant feeling. You could even consider growing some herbs to give you more options.

Living on a tight budget can be draining, it is important to make things into mini challenges to create joy in your life. Good Food and learning some basic cooking techniques can save you a lot of money as well as encouraging contentment.

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